About Us

Kent and Sarah

Wilding is a place to enjoy wine and food that is matched and served in a creative and unpretentious way.


We encourage you to be bold and adventurous in your ordering, especially when it comes to the wine list, which is vast and full of sustainable selections.

food and wine on table

Founder Kent and Head of Wine Sarah revolve everything at Wilding around the wine and with the help of Chef Dominique and Chef Paul we prioritise seasonality and local provenance, working with a forager to bring biodiverse ingredients to the fore. A balanced menu of Sea, Garden, Field & Dairy caters to all, with plant-based food taking equal billing to suit vegan and vegetarian friends. All produce is responsibly sourced, from hand-dived scallops to ex-dairy cow beef and responsibly managed, with butchery and fermentations handled in-house to minimise food waste.

Wilding’s name comes from the practice of regenerating overworked land to return it to nature; such is our intention to make as little impact on the environment as possible.

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