About Us

Kent and Sarah

Wilding is a place to enjoy simple, honest cooking in our restaurant along with a treasure trove of wine.

Founder of Wilding Kent and Head of Wine Sarah’s first passion is wine which is why you will find such a vast and varied wine list in the restaurant, wine bar and shop, as well as wine matches for many dishes on our menu.

Variety on the wine list goes hand in hand with simplicity on the restaurant menu and our all day dining approach. Designed to bring things back to basics and let the incredible quality of our sourcing shine through, the Wilding ethos is rooted in everyday excellence.

That’s why we use the best suppliers in the country and why our approach is local first with an eye on biodynamic, organic and low intervention farmed goods. Luckily many of these suppliers are based in our neighbouring counties.


We encourage you to be bold and adventurous in your ordering, especially when it comes to the wine list, which is vast and full of sustainable selections.

food and wine on table

In our restaurants we create unassuming dishes that display a love for ingredients and the homemade, that cater to vegetarians and vegans as well.

The kitchen has gone back to the roots of cooking, with very nearly everything from the breads to the ice cream made from scratch, and when we are not making things in house we are sourcing from small artisan producers. All to deliver simple, honest cooking.

Our signature dishes are the Butcher’s Cut and Market Fish, which change daily. In fact all our dishes change regularly and with the seasons. Such is our approach to sustainability, which focuses on working with environmentally-responsible businesses.

The name Wilding comes from the practice of regenerating overworked land to return it to nature; such is our intention to make as little impact on the environment as possible.

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